Best Smartphone Brands In India

Now, there are many smartphone brands in India. From which we have selected some of the best smartphone brand for you. So that there is no difficulty while buying your smartphone and so that you can easily choose the smartphone brand of your choice. The smartphone brands that we have chosen for you can be the smartphone brands of any country.

Let’s get to know the top smartphone brands in india:-

1. Xiaomi Brand

Xiaomi is a Chinese brand. Now, Xiaomi number one popular brand in India. Xiaomi is one of the most popular brand in India. The Xiaomi smartphone brand is doing very well and very well in the Indian market. Xiaomi usually brings good features smartphones to the market at cheap prices.


2. Realme Brand

Realme is a Chinese brand, like xiaomi. There is competition between Realme and Xiaomi as both the brands are popular for offering good future smartphones at low prices. The Realme smartphone brand is good and they bring good quality smartphones to the market.

3. Samsung Brand

The third one is the Samsung smartphone brand. Samsung is a South Korean brand and India’s most trusted brand of mobiles. Samsung is one of the most popular brands in the world. Samsung’s smartphones are a bit more expensive but Samsung smartphone Brand is good.

4. OnePlus Brand

OnePlus is a Chinese brand. The OnePlus has become hugely popular in a very short time. OnePlus smartphones are extremely expensive and made with high quality features  which makes OnePlus even better. OnePlus is a good smartphone brand in India and OnePlus runs very well in the Indian market.

Smartphone Brands In India

5. Vivo Brand

Vivo is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. Vivo is a Chinese brand. Vivo is also a very popular smartphone brand in India and Vivo brings good smartphones to the market at low prices like Xiaomi, Realme smartphone brand.

6. Nokia Brand

Nokia is one of the most popular brand in the world. Nokia is a Finland brand. Nokia smartphone designed in Finland and manufactured in India. The Nokia smartphone brand is very good. Nokia offers good features and good quality smartphones. Nokia smartphones come in mid-range prices and people love the Nokia brand.

7. Oppo Brand

Oppo is a Chinese company like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, OnePlus. Oppo is a good smartphone brand but Oppo smartphones come at a slightly more expensive price. Oppo offers good smartphone features. Oppo is one of the most popular brand in India.

8. Lenovo (Motorola)

Lenovo is a Chinese company. Lenovo as the world’s third largest smartphone maker. Lenovo operates Motorola as a wholly owned subsidiary. Lenovo is a popular smartphone brand in India and Lenovo is a very good feature smartphone.

9. Huawei brand

Huawei is a Chinese multinational technology company. Huawei is not the popular brand in India but Huawei is a very popular brand in other countries. The huawei smartphone is very expensive and good. However, the Indian market is not going well.

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10. Apple brand

Apple is a American multinational technology company. Apple is the most popular and number one brand in the world. Apple smartphones are very popular in the world. Apple smartphone is better than other smartphones and more expensive than other smartphones.

11. Micromax Brand

Micromax is an Indian Smartphone manufacturer company. Micromax smartphone used to be very popular but since the Chinese brands came to India, Micromax is no longer popular but the Micromax is not so bad. 

12. HTC brand

HTC is a Taiwanese electronics company. HTC is very good brand. HTC is a very good brand smartphone, HTC smartphones are very expensive and very good quality.

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